voclarity makes people speak faster, naturally.
To save time at higher playback speeds.

85% of students report watching courses at higher speeds.

voclarity modifies playback speed in a natural way.

Smart silence.

We shorten silences smartly to help users save time. But not only.

Phoneme regulation.

Each phoneme is accelerated individually, mimicking humans.

Speech rate.

We normalize speech rate at the desired word per minute (wpm) rate.

15% of podcast streams are accelerated.


We use newest speech processing technology, in collaboration with research. And our algorithm is patented.

Low-level code.

Our code is written in C++, for blazingly fast real-time processing. And keeping your device battery charged.


Our code uses cross-platform libraries so you can include it directly into your iOS/Android app, or into a web app.

Gen Z and Y increasingly speed up their voice messages.

Our Team

General manager

Pierre co-founded and managed a manufactured goods factory between 2014 and 2017, having 10 full-time employees and reaching 1M€ revenue. He then spent 3 years working as a strategy consultant for McKinsey & Company.

Technology manager

Enguerrand is one of the few worldwide experts of speech prosody manipulation. He holds a PhD in speech signal processing and AI, incl. 3 years improving speech intelligibility in cars for Peugeot-Citroën.

Research scientist

Karim is a research scientist specialized in audio engineering. He holds a PhD in audio signal processing and AI from Telecom Paris, incl. 3 years working at Deezer on music feature extraction for contextual recommendation.

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Pierre Supau

General manager

+33 6 67 95 27 80

Enguerrand Gentet

Technology manager

+33 6 98 96 41 79